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Our hystory

ST srl, who we are

We tell you an hystory...

Esseti was born from an artisan workshop in Lumezzane (BS) where Simonelli Tobia (hence the name ST) and his sons began to produce the first float valves. The decision to deal with this type of valves is not accidental but linked to the precise intention to specialize in the development of products that at the time did not yet have their own market. During these years, the Simonelli brothers developed new prototypes and with the increase in requests and production, the need arose to look for a larger physical space close to major commercial roads.

...which began in 1974

In 1974, in Brandico (BS), therefore, Esseti srl was founded in the plant that is still today the production and legal headquarters of the company. Over the years, Esseti has combined the production of float valves with that of plastic flush mechanisms, soon becoming the European leader in its sector. It will be enough to get to the 80s for the company's business to cross the borders of Europe, spreading to over 80 countries around the world.

Even today ST retains its aptitude for export thanks to its experience and ability to manage shipments and international trade. In the following years, Esseti will aim to keep its goals stable by consolidating its technical expertise. Gian Marco Simonelli will be the heir who will be entrusted with the preservation of the long family and industrial tradition until, in 2015, he will leave into the hands of his childrens Stefano and Ilaria, a renewed entrepreneurial company: ST srl. Today the company continues to produce float valves at the historic site of Brandico.

50 years of history have led the company to choose to produce items whose quality is given by the sturdiness of its valves capable of guaranteeing good functionality and long life.

and long-lasting

The fields of application of float valves

Each float valve has different characteristics to adapt and provide a specific service to each application sector.

The industrial sector has floats suitable for regulating the flow of water or other liquids inside civil and industrial tanks and basins, even of considerable size.

In agriculture ST products are used inside tanks for irrigation or for storage of fertilizers and other liquids in tanks. The valves used in farms for the operation of automatic drinkers for animals belong to the same sector.

The plumbing sector includes all types of float valves for toilet cisterns.

Balls and accessories are coherently matched to each tap to guarantee the best and correct functioning.


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